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    The product does not include VAT.

  • Characteristics

    • The base of the online store from our selection
    • Editing of colors and fonts
    • Paytrail payment system integration
    • Connection of the domain name
    • Data processing in accordance with the GDPR
    • 1-5 products (additional products are also possible, e.g. with 20 products the price of the package is approx. €569*)
    • 1-3 collections
    • 1-3 pages (home page, products, contact information)
    • One language (Finnish or English)
    • Instruction set for online store management

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Product information

The starter pack offers a perfect solution for companies that are new to selling online. This package is designed for companies that want to be able to start selling in the online store quickly and thus be able to speed up their business. The online store is also easy to use and our instruction package offers all the necessary help to run the basic functions.

You can choose the colors, fonts and images that suit the company's look, and we create the overall look of the online store based on these, which looks professional and attractive to customers. The information you fill in ensures that the online store will look just like you and that its costs will remain low, because we can focus our own resources on what we do best, building an online store.

The starter package contains 1-5 products and 1-3 collections so you can start selling quickly. In addition, you get 1-3 pages, such as a front page, a collection page, and a contact page, which help you introduce your product to customers. If you need more than 5 products or 3 collections, you can add them yourself using the instruction pack, or we can add them for you, for a fee.

We integrate the Paytrail payment system so that customers can shop easily and securely. GDPR is also really important to us, so we make sure that your online store meets all data protection and information security regulations.

If the Starter package got you interested, feel free to contact us and take the first step to successful online store sales with our Starter package!

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