Sustainability Transformation Forum

Sustainability Transformation Forum is a platform for dialogue on sustainable business practices.

The new website created by Niocell offers a seamless user experience that reflects the nature and goal of the "Sustainability Transformation Forum" to promote responsible business practices.

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Streetwear Finland

Streetwear Finland is a popular company specializing in street fashion, with brands such as Sneakers in Finland and Vintage in Finland.

Initially, the company sold its products exclusively online, but following successful online sales, it also ended up opening a brick-and-mortar store in Helsinki alongside its online store.

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Loistepinta verkkokaupan esittelykuva

Loistepinta Oy

Loistepinta Oy does facade painting and tile roof coating and cleaning locally in Pirkanmaa.

We assisted Loistepinta in the technical implementation of the website and offered consulting regarding the use of the platform.

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"Collaboration with Niocell has worked very well. I have received expert service and continuous support for website development. The results have been really quick to show, and they are excellent after just a couple of months."

-Uula/Loistepinta Oy

Uudenmaan laatusisustajat verkkokaupan esittelykuva

Uudenmaan laatusisustajat Oy

Uudenmaan laatusisustajat Oy offers quality brands for home decoration.

The company wanted to start online sales to reach a broader customer base. Uudenmaan laatusisustajat has a sales exhibition in Vantaa at the Tammiston Tähti Shopping Center.

Dr Mobilefix verkkokaupan esittelykuva


DrMobilefix is an experienced repair and service shop for mobile phones, mobile devices, and tablets.

DrMobilefix wanted to update its old website and at the same time move to the Shopify platform.

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Finanssiveli is a popular Finnish Instagram personality, known for his clever work-related memes.

With growing popularity and a strong follower base, we built an online store according to Finanssiveli's wishes, which sells overalls patches aimed at students.

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"With Niocell's team, I was able to get my overall patch online store up and running in an extremely fast timeframe. On my own, I would not have had any chance to achieve the same timeline and quality. Strong recommendation! Skillful and service-oriented individuals."


F-inno verkkokaupan esittelykuva

F-inno Oy

F-inno Oy is one of the market's leading companies in various library furniture solutions.

We updated F-inno's online store to meet modern-day expectations. The online store operates as a separate service alongside the main website.

"With Niocell's resourceful and innovative ideas, our online store was renewed to meet our needs today. The cooperation was effortless and went really well. I am very satisfied with the end result and can recommend"

-Mike/F-inno Oy