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Welcome to choose a customer-oriented and clearly priced service package that meets exactly your needs! Our goal is to offer our customers transparent pricing without hidden costs or hassles. We want to make choosing our services as effortless as possible and give you full control over your budget. We are here to support you on your journey to success!

Online stores

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    Starter package


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    • The base of the online store from our selection
    • Editing of colors and fonts
    • Paytrail payment system integration
    • Connection of the domain name
    • GDPR data processing
    • 1-5 products
    • 1-3 product groups
    • 1-3 pages
    • One language (Finnish or English)
    • Instruction set for managing the online store

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    Pro package


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    • Starter package, plus:
    • Customized Base for online store
    • 1-25 products
    • 1-10 product groups
    • Unlimited pages
    • Another language
    • Chatbot
    • Product reviews
    • Instagram and Facebook integration
    • Transportation service integrations*
    • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

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    Premium package

    from €2,000

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    • Pro package, plus:
    • Unlimited products
    • Unlimited product groups
    • Multiple languages
    • Site code editing
    • Transportation service integrations*
    • Google Analytics customer tracking
    • Note! these are just examples of functions that we can implement in the Premium package.
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Paketit ovat vain esimerkkejä sisällöstä, käytännössä verkkokaupan sisältö määräytyy täysin asiakkaan tarpeen mukaan.

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  • 4. Sisältö
  • 5. SEO

Sovelluksilla saat lisättyä toiminnallisuutta kauppaasi.

Jos pakettiin sisältyvät tuotteet eivät riitä.

Kansainvälisillä markkinoilla on hyvä olla myös englanninkieliset sivut.

Lisätilaa kaikelle sisällölle.

SEO eli hakukoneoptimointi parantaa sivusi näkyvyyttä hakukoneissa.

Yhteensä: 599€



Sisältää myös

- Verkkokaupan pohja valikoimastamme
- Värien ja fonttien muokkaus
- Paytrail-maksujärjestelmän integraatio
- Verkkotunnuksen liittäminen kauppaan
- GDPR:n tietojen käsittely
- 1-5 tuotetta
- 1-3 tuoteryhmää
- 1-3 sivua
Ohjepaketti verkkokauppaan

Why Shopify?

Building online stores and websites has changed significantly over the years, and more and more entrepreneurs and companies are looking for easy-to-use, flexible and reliable solutions to reach their customers in the digital world. In this context, Shopify becomes by far the best choice for developing online stores and websites. Next, we'll go through the reasons why Shopify is a superior system that takes e-commerce and website projects to a new level.

Read more about Shopify

Shopify-kaupan selailua puhelimella

Ease and effortlessness

Shopify's strength lies in its ease of use. With the help of the platform, we offer our customer the opportunity to take over the running of the store themselves when it is ready.

The building itself requires technical skills and optimal implementation methods. Basic daily use of the ready-made online store is, however, possible without a deeper understanding of programming or information technology. Although running a store is relatively easy, we believe that the help of a professional is always a great added benefit.

Shopify, teemat tabletilla

Flexibility and customization

Shopify offers a wide selection of themes, applications and extensions, which allow us to customize the online store to fully suit the customer's needs. Your first online store also doesn't have to be set in stone in terms of functions and themes, but with Shopify's flexibility and wide selection, we can add content as needed.

Tilauksen teko Shopify verkkokaupasta

Safety and reliability

Shopify takes care of the security and reliability of your online store or website for you. The platform offers SSL protection to protect customer data, and its server infrastructure ensures that the site runs smoothly and without technical issues. This gives you peace of mind and lets you focus on business development.

Learn more about Shopify security

Koodin muokkaus

Why Niocell?

At Niocell, we consider Shopify to be the best software because of the things mentioned above. That is why we are committed to utilizing it in creating online stores. With the help of Shopify, Niocell guarantees our customers an easy-to-use, customized and secure online store that attracts buyers to the site and promotes business growth.

In addition to the optimal implementation of online shopping, our operation is based on affordable prices, a smooth schedule and fast and transparent communication. We want the process of setting up an online store to be as effortless and frictionless as possible for our customers.

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