Alla olevat ovat esimerkkejä mahdollisista lisäpalveluista.

  • Huolto & ylläpito

    250€ / kk

    Verkkokauppasi toimivuuden sekä kehityksen hallinta kattavasti ja luotettavasti.

  • Live Chat (bot)


    We add a chat function to your online store, which you can use to communicate with your customers in real time. It is also possible to add an FAQ section to the chat, where your customers can get answers to the most common questions quickly with the help of the chat bot.

  • Product reviews


    With this add-on, you can add product reviews left by your customers directly to the product pages. Positive product reviews increase the conversion rate of your online store considerably.

  • Transportation service integration


    (Posti, Matkahuolto, DB Schenker, GLS, Asendia)

    Thanks to the transport service integration, the delivery of orders can be done with just a few clicks. With the integration, the customer's delivery information is automatically filled in for the transport service you choose, saving your staff time and effort.

  • Booking calendar


    The reservation calendar is an excellent addition to every online store that has appointments related to its operations. With the help of the application, your customers can conveniently book appointments directly from your calendar through the online store. From the booking calendar, your customer can book an appointment, for example, for a barber, sales meeting or maintenance.

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  • Another language


    Translating your online store into another language makes your online store accessible to new customers. For example, with the English version you can reach customers around the world.

  • Blog platform


    The blog platform allows you to add content to your homepage regularly. Producing content related to the topic will attract more visitors to your pages and thus also customers.

  • Additional page


    An additional page for your online store, if you need more content pages than the package you choose contains. An additional page can be, for example, previous work, instructions, frequently asked questions or something completely different.

  • Additional product group


    Additional product group, if you need more product groups than the package you choose contains. A product group or category can be used to group similar products on the same page, so that your customers can find what they are looking for as quickly as possible.

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  • Less than 20 products


    We will add your products and the product information to your online store.

  • More than 20 products


    Adding products speeds up a bit as the quantity increases.

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  • Basic level


    We edit product and product group descriptions, domain names and meta descriptions displayed in search engines to be search engine friendly so that customers can find your products as easily as possible. We also make background texts for the images, which improves the visibility of the images in the image search.

  • Advanced


    In addition to the basic level, includes keyword analysis and the implementation of Google Analytics and Google Search Console tools. Keyword analysis is used to find out what keywords people are using to search for the products you offer. The selected keywords are placed in relevant places in your shop. Google Analytics provides data about website visitors. This allows you to better target your content to them. Google Search Console can be used to improve the website's visibility in Google.

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