The process of building online stores and websites has become easier with the development of technology.
However, the market has not followed this trend, and IT professionals offer services whose value does not correspond to their costs.

After noticing this, we made it our goal to offer the same services more cost-effectively. We hope that even growing and sideline small entrepreneurs can achieve the competitiveness to survive in today's market.

Our team consists of eight passionate experts trained in building online stores and websites. We are united by a strong desire to create impressive and functional digital solutions for our customers. Each of us brings our own unique personality, experience and vision to our team.

We strive to create long-term partnerships with our customers and offer continuous support and service. We understand that online stores and websites require maintenance, development, and continuous improvement. Our goal is to help your business grow online by offering our expertise and a positive vibe.

By choosing us, you get a skilled and reliable partner for the development of online stores and websites.

Local service

We can proudly state that our operations are widely distributed in different Finnish cities. Our passionate team invests in customer satisfaction, which is why we want to provide our customers with personal and local service, in their own area.

So, if you wish, we offer support and consulting for your company on site in the cities indicated on the map. So feel free to contact us and let's find a suitable time!

Contact us

Our team

Sähköposti: etunimi.sukunimi@niocell.com

  • Lauri Andersson

    Lauri Andersson

    040 038 5410
  • Joonas Marttinen

    Joonas Marttinen

    044 012 0715
  • Niilo Kurki-Suonio

    Niilo Kurki-Suonio

    045 138 1632
  • Patrik Haverinen

    Patrik Haverinen

    044 204 9794
  • Tomas Toro

    Tomas Toro

    044 235 7678
  • Atte Entola

    Atte Entola

    040 354 8598
  • Rene Jokinen

    Rene Jokinen

    040 138 8885
  • Aleksi Ruusu

    Aleksi Ruusu

    044 272 0504