Onnistunut Kumppanuus Niocellin ja Loistepinnan Välillä

Successful Partnership Between Niocell and Loistepinta

We are excited to introduce our latest project, where our collaboration with Loistepinta Oy resulted in an excellent outcome. Loistepinta, a company specializing in exterior painting, was looking for a more modern and functional website solution, and Niocell was happy to take on the challenge.

Innovative Features on Loistepinta's Website

At the beginning of our project, we prioritized effective features that are not only visually appealing but also serve Loistepinta's customers as well as possible. Our goal was to ensure that the new website not only offers a user-friendly experience but also enhances lead generation.

This was implemented, for example, through functionalities that encourage site visitors to leave their contact information for a quote request. We utilized various fillable forms, pop-ups, and a chatbot customized with Serviceform's versatile tools.

Custom Price Estimator - Satisfaction and Efficiency

In line with Loistepinta's wishes, we implemented a fully customized price calculator that allows customers to get an immediate price estimate for their house. The price calculator serves as an important part of the site's overall experience, offering an easy-to-use tool for quick competition, which is very important in highly competitive fields.

Ongoing Collaboration, Technical Support, and SEO Optimization

Loistepinta wanted to be closely involved in the project's implementation so that updating the pages in the future would also be conveniently possible by Loistepinta's team. We were happy to assist in this, and we at Niocell are very pleased with the outcome of our collaboration. We continue our close cooperation after the site's launch, adding new technical features and focusing especially on the website's search engine optimization (SEO). SEO was one of the most important aspects throughout the website building process, taken care of in every detail.

"Collaboration with Niocell has worked very well. I have received expert service and continuous support for website development. The results have been really quick to show, and they are excellent after just a couple of months."

- Uula Lappalainen, Loistepinta Oy

Visit Loistepinta's new pages: Loistepinta.fi

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