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What is the best payment service for an online store?

Establishing an online store requires many decisions, one of which is the choice of payment service. The payment service is what enables customers of the online store to use various payment methods. The payment service also handles payment transactions and reporting for the online merchant.

There are many payment services available, but this comparison focuses on three popular options: Klarna, Paytrail, and Shopify Payments.

Klarna is a Swedish payment service that specializes in invoice and installment options. Klarna also offers card and online bank payments, as well as the Klarna app for managing one's payments. The advantages of Klarna are its ease of use, flexibility, and security. The disadvantages of Klarna are its high fees for both the online merchant and the customer, and the fact that it does not support all banks or cards.

Paytrail is a Finnish payment service that offers a wide range of payment methods, such as online bank, card, invoice, installment, and mobile payments. The advantages of Paytrail are its affordable prices, domesticity, reliability, and customer service. The disadvantages of Paytrail are that it does not offer its own invoicing service or app, and it does not integrate with all e-commerce platforms.

Shopify Payments is the proprietary payment service of the Canadian Shopify e-commerce platform, which operates exclusively in Shopify stores. Shopify Payments offers card and Apple Pay payments, as well as the ability to accept different currencies. The advantages of Shopify Payments are its simplicity, speed, and internationality. The disadvantages of Shopify Payments are that it only offers card and Apple Pay payments, and it is not available in all countries.

In summary, different payment services are suitable for different online stores and customers. It is advisable for the online merchant to choose a payment service that meets their needs and expectations and provides diverse and convenient payment methods for their customers. Paytrail is a good option for those online merchants who want to offer a wide range of payment methods at an affordable price and trust a domestic service provider.

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