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Customer Story - Revamped Online Store for Streetwear Finland Oy

We are proud to share our latest project, born from our client Streetwear Finland Oy's need to merge two existing online stores into one. Streetwear Finland identified the need at the beginning of the year when the company's brands, Vintage in Finland and Sneakers in Finland, had to be combined into a single site. The new site had to be launched by the first week of February, giving the entire project about a month's time. We at Niocell happily accepted this challenge.

The completely new online store effectively solved the technical challenges associated with merging data from two separate online stores. This includes customer data, a selection of over 600 products with their details, and the traffic from the old sites, all of which were efficiently transferred to the new online store. The site was launched on schedule on February 8th.

In the project, we focused on the following themes:

Efficient product information management: We specifically focused on the quality of product information, to make using a large product selection as easy and efficient as possible for both the online store's visitors and its administrators. High-quality product details allow for convenient sorting of products into various categories and sections.

Pre-order feature: As part of the project, we integrated a feature for pre-orders into the online store, allowing customers to order products before they arrive in stock. This feature increases flexibility and expands the selection for online store customers. In addition, pre-orders will enhance inventory management and increase sales.

Visuals: In designing the online store's appearance, we focused on visual appeal without forgetting functionality and efficiency from a customer experience perspective. The visual design was executed in collaboration with a graphic designer, after which the preliminary sketch was further developed in cooperation with the client.

A functioning online store is an ongoing process:

To best serve a company's needs, an online store requires continuous development to meet changing challenges. The development of Streetwear Finland's new online store continues also after its launch, in collaboration with Niocell. Future development projects are already being planned, aiming for the online store to reach even more potential customers in the future.

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